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Various private collections of old radio shows.

Last updated Fri Apr 30 2021

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These collections of my personal favourite radio shows are private, they are not intended to be found by search engines. If you are reading this, it is hopefully because you have been specifically granted access by me, but if not, you are still welcome to listen to or download files. Any missing or improved recordings will be gratefully received.

99p Challenge
Sue Perkins hosts a hilarious mock quiz.

The Alan Davies Show - New! - [08 Sept 2021]
Laugh-out-loud sitcom starring Alan Davies.

Andy Hamilton Sort Of Remembers - New! - [19 Sept 2021]
Andy Hamilton muses about various subjects.

Barry Cryer - You Won't Believe This But
Barry Cryer reads his "autobiography of sorts"

Beyond Our Ken
An archive of all available episodes of Beyond Our Ken.

Clare in the Community
Sally Phillips stars as self-obsessed social worker Clare Barker.

Dad's Army
The radio version of the famous TV comedy.

Down the Line
"The first ever all-phone-in talk show on Radio 4"

Goon Show
All available episodes of The Goon Show.
Also songs by the Goons

Hamish & Dougal
"You'll Have Had Your Tea!"

Hinge & Bracket - New! - [27 Aug 2021]
Doctor Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
Every single episode of ISIHAC.

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
Complete archive of ISIRTA episodes.

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again... Again!
Tribute show to ISIRTA from Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

The famous wartime comedy show with Tommy Handley.

It Sticks Out Half a Mile - New! - [08-09-2021]
Spin-off show from Dad's Army cast about attempts to restore a seaside pier

It's Not What You Know - New! - [09-09-2021]
Panel show in which guests have to guess what their friends know about them.

Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation
Much-missed national treasure Jeremy Hardy's series of talks.

Just A Minute
Only 10 episodes missing out of 941 from this archive of Just A Minute.

Just William - New! - [29 Aug 2021]
Richmal Crompton's famous stories about schoolboy William Brown, read by Martin Jarvis.

Lord Peter Wimsey
Ian Carmichael stars in dramatisations of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories

Men From the Ministry
Tales of the bungling civil servants in Whitehall's General Assistance Department.

Million Pound Radio Show
Andy Hamilton & Nick Revell's comedy show.

Museum of Curiosity
QI's John Lloyd's quirky show.

Navy Lark
All that I have of The Navy Lark.

News Quiz
A far from complete archive of nonetheless a great many episodes of The News Quiz.

Old Harry's Game
Andy Hamilton wrote this comedy of life in Hell, and stars as Satan.

On the Hour
Satire of radio from Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci, Steven Wells, and many others.

Pilgrim - New! - [17-09-2021]
The tale of William Palmer, known as Pilgrim, cursed to wander forever between the Otherworld and the world of mortals.

Round the Horne
All episodes of Round the Horne from the sixties.

Take It From Here
A few isolated episodes of the comedy starring Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley and featuring a young June Whitfield.

Tom Wrigglesworth - New! - [15-09-2021]
An archive of Tom Wrigglesworth's Open Letters and Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups.

Unbelievable Truth
Complete archive of The Unbelievable Truth.