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The dramas are presented here in what is generally considered to be chronological order in Lord Peter's life, rather than the order in which they were first broadcast or written.

Whose Body
A dead man is found in a bath, wearing nothing but a gold prince-nez. The corpse had filthy black toenails, flea bites, and the scent of carbolic soap lingering on his corpse. Then comes the disappearance of oil millionaire Sir Reuben Levy. With his beard shaved he would look very similar to the man found in the bath - but is Sir Reuben really dead?
s01e01 - The Body in the Bath
s01e02 - Disappearance of a Financier
s01e03 - Lunch at Lady Swaffham's
s01e04 - Shell Shock
s01e05 - Bunter Brings a Letter

Clouds of Witness
Lord Peter's sister's fiance is murdered, and his brother the Duke of Denver is accused of the crime. The Duke is tried in the House of Lords, and Lord Peter battles to clear his name.
s02e01 - The Riddlesdale Inquest
s02e02 - Mudstains and Bloodstains
s02e03 - The Diamond Cat
s02e04 - Mystery Illness
s02e05 - The Morning After
s02e06 - In a Fog
s02e07 - The Barometer Falls
s02e08 - The Speech For the Defence

Unnatural Death
A post-mortem concludes that there was "No sign of foul play", but Lord Peter Wimsey is not satisfied and begins his own investigation. There are no clues at all until the senseless murder of the victim's maid. Lord Peter is faced with the problem of catching a desperate murderer before he becomes one of the victims himself, and of discovering what goes on in a Mayfair flat.
s03e01 - No Sign of Foul Play
s03e02 - Death in Epping Forest
s03e03 - The Will
s03e04 - Hallelujah
s03e05 - The Property Act
s03e06 - Vera Findlater
s03e07 - Miss Climpson Investigates

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
General Fentiman is found dead at his London club. This is unremarkable until it turns out that a Lady Dormer died within a day of the General, and her large fortune would have passed on to him if he had been living at the time of her death, otherwise it would go to someone else. The exact time of the General's death is thus significant. Lord Peter investigates exactly how long the General had been dead and finds that not everything about the body is as it at first seemed.
s04e01 - Armistice Night
s04e02 - The General's Last Evening
s04e03 - Mr Oliver
s04e04 - Exhumation
s04e05 - At Lady Dormer's
s04e06 - Ann Dorland

Strong Poison
Novellist Harriet Vane is on trial for the murder of her fiance. Lord Peter in the public gallery is convinced she is innocent and falls completely in love with her. His trusty employee Miss Climpson happens to be on the jury and she too believes the prisoner innocent. In the jury room Miss Climpson sticks to her guns and ensures that a verdict cannot be reached. A new trial is ordered, which gives Lord Peter the time to try to prove Harriet's innocence.
s05e01 - The Old Bailey
s05e02 - Ten Minutes in Bloomsbury
s05e03 - Norman Urquhart
s05e04 - Miss Murchison
s05e05 - Pongo
s05e06 - Turkish Delight

The Five Red Herrings
A talented but irascible artist out on a painting trip is found dead in a stream. Whoever killed him had also apparently faked what the artist had been painting in the artist's own style, to make the death seem like an accident. Six local artists are talented enough to achieve this, and all had had public arguments with the dead man. One of the six is the criminal, and five are red herrings.
s06e01 - The Body in the Burn
s06e02 - Disappearances
s06e03 - Bicycles
s06e04 - Bunter Investigates
s06e05 - Alibis
s06e06 - Evidence of a Commercial Traveller
s06e07 - Council of War
s06e08 - Reconstruction

Have His Carcase
Detective novellist Harriet Vane discovers the body of a man on an isolated rock on the sea shore, his throat having been cut. She takes photographs and notes that the death must have been recent, as the man's blood is still liquid. There are no footprints in the sand other than hers and the victim's. Unfortunately the corpse is washed away by the rising tide before she can summon help. Her lover Lord Peter Wimsey investigates.
s07e01 - The Evidence of the Corpse
s07e02 - Lord Peter Sets a Trap
s07e03 - A Dutiful Son
s07e04 - The Snake in the Grass
s07e05 - Too Perfect an Alibi
s07e06 - All a Question of Time

Murder Must Advertise
Lord Peter Wimsey goes undercover, working for the advertising agency Pym's Publicity as a junior copywriter. His predecessor had died in a fall down an iron spiral staircase, the death appears suspicious because the victim apparently made no attempt to save himself as he fell. In the victim's desk a letter to the firm's proprietor is discovered, telling him that something "undesirable" had been going on in the office.
s08e01 - Death Comes to Pym's Publicity
s08e02 - Singular Spotlessness of a Lethal Weapon
s08e03 - Unsentimantal Masquerade of a Harlequin
s08e04 - Inexcusable Invasion of a Ducal Entertainment
s08e05 - Sudden Decease of a Man in Dress Clothes
s08e06 - Appropriate Exit of an Unskilled Murderer

The Nine Tailors
Stranded in a remote fenland village, Lord Peter Wimsey helps ring a long peal on the church bells after one of the ringers is struck down with influenza. The local squire's wife dies of the illness, and Wimsey hears how her family has been blighted by the theft of a valuable emerald necklace, which was never recovered. The next year, the squire dies too, and when his wife's grave is opened for his burial, the mutilated body of a man is found.
s09e01 - The Bells Are Rung Up
s09e02 - Lord Peter Is Called In
s09e03 - Bunter Breaks the Law
s09e04 - The Hunt Moves to France
s09e05 - A Question of Identity
s09e06 - A Damnable Business
s09e07 - All Is Not Explained
s09e08 - Nine Tailors Make a Man

Gaudy Night
Lord Peter Wimsey's friend Harriet Vane is invited back to her Oxford college for a reunion called a Gaudy Night, where she receives a poison pen letter. The letters continue over time, so Harriet is asked to investigate. She calls in Lord Peter, who helps uncover the culprit.

Busman's Honeymoon
Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane marry and go to spend their honeymoon at Talboys, an old farmhouse in Hertfordshire which he has bought her as a present. The honeymoon is intended as a break from their usual routine of solving crimes (him) and writing about them (her), but it turns into a murder investigation when the seller of the house is found dead at the bottom of the cellar steps with severe head injuries.
s11e01 - The Mysteries of Married Life
s11e02 - Credit Where Credit Is Due
s11e03 - A Policeman's Lot
s11e04 - Not Why, But How
s11e05 - Crossed in Love
s11e06 - A Chain of Circumstances