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Two Interviews with Richmal Crompton
Interview 1
Interview 2

The episodes presented here are from CDs rather than as broadcast on the radio.

Series 1
s01e01 - The Christmas Truce
s01e02 - Only Just in Time
s01e03 - The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montague
s01e04 - William and the Musician
s01e05 - William Leads a Better Life
s01e06 - William and the Twins
s01e07 - William's Birthday
s01e08 - William and the Little Girl
s01e09 - The Outlaws and Cousin Percy
s01e10 - William and the Princess Goldilocks

Series 2
s02e01 - The Sweet Little Girl in White
s02e02 - A Birthday Treat
s02e03 - The Outlaws and the Triplets
s02e04 - A Bit of Blackmail
s02e05 - William Makes a Night of it
s02e06 - William and the Lost Tourist
s02e07 - The Leopard Hunter
s02e08 - The New Neighbour
s02e09 - William the Philanthropist
s02e10 - William and the Prize Cat

Series 3
s03e01 - William Holds the Stage
s03e02 - William and the School Report
s03e03 - All the News
s03e04 - Aunt Arabelle in Charge
s03e05 - William's Goodbye Present
s03e06 - William The Salvage Collector
s03e07 - William's Day Off
s03e08 - Entertainment Provided
s03e09 - William and the Brains Trust
s03e10 - William and the Bomb

Series 4
s04e01 - William Goes Shopping
s04e02 - Violet Elizabeth Runs Away
s04e03 - William and the Real Lawrence
s04e04 - The Outlaws and the Hidden Treasure
s04e05 - William and the Fairy Daffodil
s04e06 - The Best Laid Plans
s04e07 - Mrs Bott's Hat
s04e08 - William Starts the Holidays
s04e09 - William Plays Santa Claus
s04e10 - William and the Snowman
s04e11 - Revenge is Sweet
s04e12 - William and the Black Cat

Series 5
s05e01 - William and the Russian Prince
s05e02 - William's Busy Day
s05e03 - William the Great Actor
s05e04 - William and the White Elephants
s05e05 - Finding a School for William
s05e06 - William's Birthday
s05e07 - William Clears the Slums
s05e08 - Parrots for Ethel
s05e09 - William's Truthful Christmas
s05e10 - Boys Will Be Boys
s05e11 - William and the Ebony Hairbrush
s05e12 - William and the Old Man in the Fog

Series 6
s06e01 - That Boy
s06e02 - The Bishop's Handkerchief
s06e03 - William and Uncle George
s06e04 - The Haunted House
s06e05 - William and St Valentine
s06e06 - April Fool's Day
s06e07 - Not Much
s06e08 - The Cure
s06e09 - William's Wonderful Plan
s06e10 - The Outlaws and the Penknife
s06e11 - William the Reformer
s06e12 - William's New Year's Day

Series 7
s07e01 - Aunt Florence and the Green Woodpecker
s07e02 - The Plan That Failed
s07e03 - William and the Begging Letter
s07e04 - A Question of Exchange
s07e05 - William and the Temporary History Master
s07e06 - The Outlaws and the Tramp
s07e07 - A Few Dogs and William
s07e08 - The Outlaws and the Missionary
s07e09 - William the Good
s07e10 - William and the Young Man
s07e11 - William and the Spy
s07e12 - William and the Badminton Racket

Series 8
s08e01 - William Turns Over a New Leaf
s08e02 - William and Dear Little Peter
s08e03 - William and the Waxwork Prince
s08e04 - William and the White Cat
s08e05 - William and Photography
s08e06 - The Great Detective
s08e07 - The Fête - and Fortune
s08e08 - The Weak Spot
s08e09 - The Outlaws Go a-Mumming
s08e10 - William's Double Life
s08e11 - William to the Rescue
s08e12 - William the Film Star

Series 9
s09e01 - William the Rat Lover
s09e02 - William the Showman
s09e03 - William and the Monster
s09e04 - William the Persian
s09e05 - The New Game
s09e06 - William and the Love Test
s09e07 - The Cat and the Mouse
s09e08 - Waste Paper Wanted
s09e09 - William the Globe Trotter
s09e10 - William and the Prize Pig
s09e11 - A Present from William
s09e12 - A Night of Mysteries

Series 10
s10e01 - William and the Chinese God
s10e02 - William and the League of Perfect Love
s10e03 - Fireworks Strictly Prohibited
s10e04 - William the Psychiatrist
s10e05 - William joins the Waits
s10e06 - Violet Elizabeth takes Control - Part 1 of a two part story
s10e07 - William ‐ The Dear Little Boysie
s10e08 - William's Brilliant Plan
s10e09 - The Outlaws and Aunt Jo
s10e10 - Violet Elizabeth's Special Party