The Cruise of the Dondevoy


I woke up in plenty of time today, and set out to my pick-up point in the town. I have found that since taking this job that I can wake up easily in the mornings; I hope it continues this way, for it will be a change from the trouble I have had in the past.

When I returned to the boat I discovered that it had been broken into during the day, and my camera, radio and flashlight stolen; it was so stupid of me to have forgotten to lock the compartment in the bows, and to have omitted to take the serial number of the camera, but it is gone now, and judging by past experience I shall be incredibly lucky to see any of it again, apart from the film, which I can see has been thrown into the river. I hope the police do a good job. Luckily my sleeping bag was not taken, nor my cooking equipment or food, although half a loaf of bread and two apples are missing. I shall now spend a draughty night, as the thieves ripped a seam open in order to get in, rather than simply opening the strings. I shall console myself by eating a meal of tomato-flavoured rice.

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