The Cruise of the Dondevoy


At the site today there was more heavy spadework, digging a cross section of the deep enclosure ditch of the Iron Age encampment. I am now getting into the swing of the work, and am beginning to get real pleasure out of feeling the spade bite into the clay, and hearing the light ring from the metal as the spoil is tossed away. I made a few "finds", a few pieces of pottery and bone, and what looks like an iron knife. The latter caused some interest, as it was definitely not expected. I think they thought I had "planted" it for a joke. I find that I am getting quite attached to the hole like a close friend, and hope I will be assigned to the same job tomorrow.

I have promised to bring my horn tomorrow, as there is some confusion over the correct time for the coffee breaks; when we down tools is not always when the coffee is ready, and vice versa. After work, I went back to the flat with the others, and after talking for a while, went back to the boat. I had arranged to meet the Land Rover outside a city centre tobacconist's shop in the morning.

My picture has appeared in the paper! Under the headline "They Are Digging Back to the Time of Christ" is a photograph of John and me, digging in the trench, below which was a brief summary of the dig, in which, not surprisingly, they had spelt my name wrong. It is maybe a little unfair that I, a complete beginner, should be featured in this way, but it still makes me feel more important than I really am. And so to bed, as wrote the great diarist.

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