The Cruise of the Dondevoy


Another late sleep-in today; I did not get up until half past twelve - this really must not go on, as I missed the best half of the day. The rain started soon after I came to, and most of the day was spent in lying down. I really ought to get away tomorrow, but must wait for Sarah to come back, as she might have brought something from home that I have forgotten.

I have grave doubts about my lock-handle, which Mr Alison so kindly made for me. It certainly would not fit the lock here, although is apparently alright for the locks on the River Nene. I suppose that I could buy one somewhere if it turns out to be too awkward to use.

The motor worked, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief; it seems to be a matter of adjusting the mixture very precisely. I must remember that. Somebody told me that the maximum speed of a boat is 1.5 times the square root of the waterline in feet, which works out on Dondevoy to be about 4 miles per hour; I am sure she goes faster than that.[1]

Another wonderful expression - Tillie this time. She said "We weren't allowed to wear bunches because they got in the Communion cup".

[1] [In fact the waterline of a boat is the total waterline, not just the length of the boat. In Dondevoy's case this would be between 28 (twice her length) and 30 feet, giving a theoretical top speed of about 8 mph, a much more believable figure. B.E.N.]

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