The Cruise of the Dondevoy


I got paid today for the last time, as I am leaving the dig today. It would be impossible to give a full account of everything I have done, and the people I have met over the last couple of weeks, so I shall merely write down a few details.

The boat was broken into twice more, and failing to find anything of value left, the intruders contented themselves with making a terrible mess, and taking trivial little things and eating my food. They broke all my eggs on the floor of the boat, and slashed open a bag of flour on top of them, giving me an unpleasant job of clearing up.

I took Candy, the Canadian girl, to the bell ringing at All Saint's church twice, and the second time she was allowed to begin to learn how to pull a bell, with a tie on it to make it silent. She did very well, but her mistakes reminded me of the time when I was learning. She was amazed at how difficult it was, compared to how easy it looks before trying.

Then I met Janet, who is very sweet, and cheered me up immensely, just at a time when I needed to be; we did many things together, including a trip up to the fifth lock on the canal. It was raining, but it did not seem to matter.

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