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Various Documents to Download

This Word document tries to explain how I make the white breadcakes known as "Benbread" that always prove popular.
The Stardust screensaver moves dots around the screen based ion their colour.
The Rainbow screensaver uses bell ringing methods to display coloured patterns on screen.
Swapsave is a screensaver that chooses randomly from the other screensavers on your system.
Ben Newsam CV.doc
Major Projects.doc
A reasonably recent CV and a description of the most interesting projects I have worked on.
Java script for the "Date event" used on my home page.
Java script for the "Fuzzy clock" used on my home page.
Mediaeval Gingerbread House.doc
This Word document is the printable template for building the gingerbread house in the picture, and inspired by a real mediaeval house in The Shambles, York.

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