Goon Show Script Search
Search scripts of The Goon Show, to find out in which episode a quote is to be found.

Many people ask questions like "Which Goon Show episode contains...?"

This page gives you a chance to find the answers.

Enter what you want to search for and I will do my best to find the episode or episodes concerned.

Links are provided to both audio and script of each episode found, and where possible a short audio clip.

Notes: Last updated Tue Apr 27 2021 This page is still under construction, and so at any one time may not work as expected. Adjust the numbers to suit your particular search. Higher numbers make the search take longer. Expect it to take at least ten seconds, and although it can take much longer at times, it will eventually time out. You may enter numbers that are outside the automatic ranges, though this is not recommended. To save a search for later use, copy the contents of the address bar. So far, the search is only up until s09e13. Only a small number of episodes so far have the timing information to allow audio clips to be played.

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